2022 Show Schedule

The 2023 schedule will be added as soon. Check Back Soon! (Last Updated 10/18/2022)

Friday October 14th

8:00 - 11:00 AM

Michael Sull
Michael Sull

Hands on Spencerian Penmanship Workshop with Michael Sull

Come join Michael Sull and learn the basics of Spencerian Penmanship! In this hands on workshop, Michael will provide you the tools, history and personal instruction to help you begin your own journey with Spencerian penmanship.

Workshop topics include:
- The History of P. R. Spencer and American Ornamental Penmanship
- Preparing your workspace, your tools and yourself
- Proper writing posture and body mechanics
- Practice drills
- Motion of the forearm, wrist and fingers
- How to create proper letter forms
- Turning letters into words

Class Fees:
$65 (includes: workshop, handouts, ink, pen point and a plastic oblique penholder)

$50 (includes: workshop & handouts)
Bring your own fountain pen to class for a mono-line Spencerian experience

Pre-Registration is required

To register, contact Michael directly at Michael@Spencerian.com or (913) 219-1819.
Class size is limited to 20 participants so sign up soon!
09:00 - 12:00 PM

Nikola Pang


Italic Script‎

Join me in learning the beautiful, classical, forms of Italic script! Cancelleresca, or Chancery hand, came about from a marriage of humanist and Roman forms and really hit its stride during the period we know as the Italian Renaissance. These scripts were so popular in their multitude of variations that they quickly became adopted by both the church and became adopted throughout the old world as a standard. This widespread use lead the slanted, broad pen, script to such renown that, even today, we still call many small broad nibs "italic". Classically beautiful, flowing, very nearly ideal in readability and highly refined through the ages it's no wonder that Italic is still considered by a large number of calligraphers and typographers to be a "perfect script".

In this course we will focus on the history, forms, and execution of creating classic (and perhaps a few contemporary) Italic hands.

Fee: $70.00 per person
Class Limit :10

Attendees are invited to bring their own supplies if desired. I encourage attendees to bring a ruler, pencil, and ball point with them.

To register, email the instructor directly at Nik@entropy.ink To ensure participants get personalized attention, class size is limited 15. Signing up beforehand is recommend but not required.

“Script1” “Script2”
11:30AM - 12:30 PM

John Bosley


Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

Join fountain pen collector and paper enthusiast John Bosley for a discussion on fountain pen friendly paper. In this class you'll learn what makes paper fountain pen friendly, how different papers can affect both how your writing looks and your writing experience, which papers are the best for different writing qualities, and where to buy good paper. You'll also receive a notebook to take notes in and a paper pack filled with over 20 different fountain pen friendly papers so you can try them for yourself and decide which are your favorites.

Please bring one or more fountain pens so you can use them to test your different papers during class.
Fee: $25.00 per person
Fee includes: Fountain pen friendly notebook and a fountain pen friendly paper sample pack.

Class Limit :15

To register, contact John directly at john@fountainpenlove.com or register on this page https://fountainpenlove.com/product/colorado-pen-show-paper-class-registration/

Web: FountainPenLove.com
Insta: @fountainpenlove
Email: john@fountainpenlove.com

Jeff Becker


Create a Pocket Journal

Join us to make two (approx.) 6”x3.5” notebooks with paper covers using Mohawk Super fine paper and the pamphlet stitch, a humble, simple yet extremely useful sewing.

The first will be a 24 page book using the pamphlet stitch, the second will be a 48 page book using the double pamphlet stitch.
We’ll sew & trim the papers & round the corners for a finishing touch. All for the low, low price of $15.

Registration: To register, use the contact below
Contact: boneheadned@aim.com
4:00- 8:00 PM

Public Show



Door Prize Drawing

Ryan Krusac will be drawing the name of a lucky winner of the Friday Doorprize!
(Must be present to win)
8:06PM - ?????


Meet and Greet Get Together

MC'ed by Fountain Pen Day!
Fountain Pen Day will MC our Annual Friday night Meet & Greet!

Bring your favorite pens, inks and papers for a pen club style meet up with other pen enthusiasts.

Michell MaliZAki
Michell MaliZAki

Come hear the standup comedy of Michell MaliZAki!

Michelle MaliZaki was born and raised in Japan and came to America to become an American housewife. She had a mid life crisis and went to the Second City Hollywood and UCB LA, but nobody wanted to form a team with her, so she became a solo performer, then became a standup comedian. She was a runner up at the US Comedy Contest 2021, and has been a finalist at the Clean Comedy Challenge in 2021 and 2020.
More TBA - Check Back Soon!

Saturday October 15th


Michael Sull
Michael Sull

Flourishing - Artistic Non-Lettering Penmanship

Class Fees: $50 (includes: workshop & handouts)

Pre-Registration is required
To register, contact Michael directly at Michael@Spencerian.com or (913) 219-1819.
Class size is limited to 20 participants so sign up soon!
09:00–5:00 PM

Public Show

1:00 - 3:00PM
Marie Hornback
Marie Hornback

Techniques to Improve Your Cursive Writing

Are you hesitant to use your lovely fountain pens because your handwriting needs “a little work?” Then, this class is for you. Marie will offer helpful tips, focus points, and show you how to use consistent elements in your handwriting that will produce elegant and graceful results. Marie has been teaching cursive handwriting for over 14 years and is presently in her 10th year teaching American Cursive Handwriting to 3-11th grade students at a public school in Fort Collins, CO. Marie has taught cursive handwriting at the IAMPETH Conference for the past 5 years and will be teaching at the 2023 conference. Over the years, Master Penman, Michael Sull has been one of her mentors and together they co-founded the American Cursive Instructor Certification Program (ACICP) in 2015.
Marie will make every attempt during the 2 hour class to provide some one on one time to help you pinpoint areas in your cursive that can cause immediate improvement.

Class Fees: $40
Class Limit :20

Pre-Registration is encouraged as there is a 5 student minimum
To register, contact Marie directly at Crown Calligraphy.
Class size is limited to 20 participants so sign up soon!


Daily Door Prize Drawing

Sunday October 16th



Nikola Pang


Learn Copperplate calligraphy,‎

Come learn the beautiful calligraphic style of copperplate script! Copperplate calligraphy, also known as roundhand, engrosser's, and engraver's script is considered by most to be the mother of all pointed pen hands. It still stands as one of the most recognizable and high demand design elements in pointed pen calligraphic works. In this course we will go over a concise version of its history and learn to use dip pens in order to form the basic strokes of its construction.

This course is geared towards beginners but those with more experience may attend it as a refresher course (plus it's always nice to have experienced attendees help beginners).

Fee: $70.00 per person
Class Limit :10

Attendees are encouraged to bring a ball pen, pencil, and ruler with them.
“Copper1” “Copper2”
10:00-3:00 PM

Public Show


Daily Door Prize Drawing