The 2017 Schedule is still under construction

A Quick Update

ACICP 2017 – The dates for this year’s American Cursive Instructor Certification Program are:

Thursday 10/5/2017


Friday       10/6/2017

Please visit for more information.



Until we get the rest of the schedule for this year posted, here is a look at last year’s schedule

— 2016 Colorado Pen Show Schedule —

Wednesday October 5th

7:00–8:30 PM

The Brothers Sull
The Brothers Sull Invade Still Cellars in Longmont!
The evening will include the haunting 12-string Guitar of Chuck Sull and live readings from “Forgotten in Time: Poems from a Penman’s Time” by Michael Sull. More information available at Still Cellars Event page:


Thursday October 6th

9:00–5:00 PM

Michael Sull &
Marie Hornback
Michael Sull
Michael Sull

Marie Hornback
Marie Hornback

American Cursive Instructor Certification Program (ACICP)

This certification program will equip and prepare you to teach the American Cursive Handwriting Curriculum written by Michael and Debra Sull.

Michael Sull
Michael Sull

Hands on Spencerian Penmanship Workshop with Michael Sull

Come join Michael Sull and learn the basics of Spencerian Penmanship! In this hands on workshop, Michael will provide you the tools, history and personal instruction to help you begin your own journey with Spencerian penmanship.

Workshop topics include:
- The History of P. R. Spencer and American Ornamental Penmanship
- Preparing your workspace, your tools and yourself
- Proper writing posture and body mechanics
- Practice drills
- Motion of the forearm, wrist and fingers
- How to create proper letter forms
- Turning letters into words

Class Fees:
$65 (includes: workshop, handouts, ink, pen point and a plastic oblique penholder)

or upgrade!

$100 (includes: workshop, handouts, ink, pen point and a handmade wooden oblique penholder)

Pre-Registration is required

To register, contact Michael directly at or (913) 219-1819.
Class size is limited to 20 participants so sign up early!

Friday October 7th

9:00–5:00 PM

Michael Sull &
Marie Hornback
Michael Sull
Michael Sull

Marie Hornback
Marie Hornback

American Cursive Instructor Certification Program (ACICP)

This certification program will equip and prepare you to teach the American Cursive Handwriting Curriculum written by Michael and Debra Sull.
9:00 - Noon

Richard Pollock-Nelson


Learn the Coptic Bookbinding Stitch and Make your own Journal! ‎

In this class you will use the Coptic stitch to make your own journal. Used from as early as the 2nd century AD, Coptic bindings are characterized by one or more sections or signatures, of parchment, papyrus, or paper sewn through their folds, and attached to each other with chain stitch linkings across the spine.

This is a great method for creating books with covers that are individual boards instead of completely wrapped around the entire journal. You are basically binding all the signatures and covers together with a connected stitch that holds everything together tightly, but with super flexibility. The pages will open up completely flat and that’s a big reason why this method is so popular!

Everything you need to make your journal is provided and pre-cut and pre-drilled so you can focus on stitching it all together.

There will be a selection of cigar box covers to chose from and you will go home with a completed journal.

Fee: $60 per person (includes ALL materials)

Pre-Registration is required: Contact Richard at
Limited to 6 participants

“Journal” “Journal”
Noon–6:00 PM

Public Show



Meet and Greet Get Together

MC'ed by Fountain Pen Day
Come meet the Exhibitors, Staff and other enthusiasts.

Saturday October 8th

8:00–10:00 AM Setup – Exhibitors Only
10:00–6:00 PM

Public Show

Bianca Dudeck-Mandity


Custom Color Mixing

Learn the basics of color theory and how to mix inks to achieve the colors you want. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of mixing your own ink and the best ways to test your new mixtures to make sure they’re safe. You’ll experiment with Chromatography paper as well as do some hands-on mixing. Participants will get a tomoe river notebook to put their mixing formulas and test runs in as well as a small bottle to put their favorite creation to take home with them!

Fee: $20 A variety of inks for mixing, tomoe notebook, mixing palates, color chart, chromatography paper and small ink bottle included.

Bianca Dudeck-Mandity is an synesthetic artist and illustrator with a special emphasis on color and color theory Her work combines elements of traditional painting and rendering techniques with digital processes. She is the Chair of 2d studies at the Glick School of Art in Indiana and former east coast head of education for Copic Markers USA. She has lectured and taught color theory and rendering at Universities in the US and Canada. Her work has been shown in galleries as far away as Bath, England and most recently, at Bg Gallery in Santa Monica, CA. To see more of her work visit her site
Amanda McKay


Kick A$$ Snail Mail class!

Let's be real, getting a letter in the mail is one of the best feelings out there! And a killer envelope just takes it to the next level!

Are you ready to step up your snail mail game??

Gone are the days of just slapping a forever stamp & an address on an envelope and sending a letter on its way! Come learn how to dress up your mail with some fun hand lettering, vintage postage, washi tape, wax seals, and more!
Class + kit: $20
Just class (no kit): $15
Additional kits: $10

Kits will include stationery + envelopes, a pen or marker, washi tape, some hand lettering ideas, and vintage postage!

Amanda is not a professional anything, but is unofficially many things: a painter, a writer, a doodler, a hand-letterer, a vintage postage collector and user, a penpal, and a lifelong snail mail enthusiast.
Sam Fiorella

Think Ink!

Think Ink is a simple interactive event to help you learn about fountain pen inks and to help you keep your fountain pens writing flawlessly. We'll discuss ink history, what your ink is made of, ink flow and just about everything else that pertains to fountain pen ink.
Think of it as a good dose of common sense about the liquid that you
run through your fountain pens.

We will not be discussing any specific ink makers, nor will there be discussion about your favorite ink color.

The presentation runs about 45 minutes and there will be time at the end for Q&A.


Sam Fiorella is co-owner of Pendemonium and has been using fountain pens for over 50 years. Prior to founding Pendemonium, she spent 15 years selling fine pens and stationery in the Washington D.C. area.
Sam is a member and past president of the Pen Collectors of America and was the Reference Librarian for the Society of Inkwell Collectors for many years. For the curious, her first pen was a Sheaffer cartridge filler received as a gift in 1960!
Renee Jorgensen


Sketching with a Fountain Pen!

Join Renee for this fun hands-on workshop and learn how a fountain pen works effectively as a drawing tool. Do you doodle with your pens? Would you like to try your hand at sketching and drawing? We will explore and learn how to use a single nib to draw different line widths, how to build texture with dots, dashes and cross hatches. Learn sketching basics and more with a single pen!

Any fountain pen will do! It doesn’t matter if it is one of your old favorites or you just picked it up at the show, let Renee Jorgensen help you discover the joy of drawing with a writing point. Don’t own a fountain pen? There are plenty to choose from at the show, remember, any pen will do!

Fee: $15.00 per person

The fee will cover drawing paper and handouts

To register, contact Renee directly
Studio: 303-246-2233

As an artist and illustrator, Renee’s, background includes degrees in commercial art and graphic design, along with a certification in botanical illustration. She is certified as an American Cursive Handwriting instructor, and currently teaches illustration, modern illumination and calligraphy for the School of Botanical Art and Illustration at the School for Botanical Art & Illustration, at the Denver Botanic Gardens.
Amanda McKay


Letter Writing Social!

It's exactly as it sounds! A gathering dedicated to keeping the art of letter writing alive - just add friends!

Show up with your address book, some postage, and your favorite letter writing instruments!

2 hour social, drop in when you can!

Cost: free!
Stationery, stamps + ink pads, stickers + postcards will be provided!

Let's hang out and send some mail!

Amanda is not a professional anything, but is unofficially many things: a painter, a writer, a doodler, a hand-letterer, a vintage postage collector and user, a penpal, and a lifelong snail mail enthusiast.
As a Colorado native, she can't imagine why anyone would willingly live anywhere else!

Likes: coffee (black), craft beer, Seinfeld, vintage stationery and typewriters, October, love letters, swearing, and singing along to the radio always.

Dislikes: mornings, dress codes, grouchy postal workers, the Allman Brothers, and pecans (even when they have been sacrificed for pie).

You can find her online pretty much any time of day!

Sunday October 9th

8:00–10:00 AM Setup – Exhibitors Only
10:00-5:00 PM

Public Show

10:00-11:00 AM
Joel Hamilton & Sherrell Tyree



Basic Fountain Pen Repair (Hands-On Course!)

To provide information regarding the processes necessary to repair button and lever filling fountain pens.

Fee: FREE!

Expectations and Goals
At the end of the hour the participants will be able to open, clean, sac and polish a button or lever filling fountain pen.

Required Materials

• A button or lever filling fountain pen
• Section pliers
• Exacto knife
• Small sharp scissors
• A sac that will fit the fountain pen you bring
• Sac shellac
11:00 - Noon
Susan Wirth



This workshop is focused on helping you find a fountain pen that really enhances your writing.

If you've ever said,

"I can't use a fountain pen because I have terrible handwriting "
"I can't use a fountain pen because I'm left-handed"
"I can't use a fountain pen because I just print"

then this is the workshop for you. Let Susan help you discover which type of pen would suit you best!

Fee: FREE!
Jeff Becker


Create a Pocket Journal

Learn the longstitch / linkstitch sewing technique and make your very own pocket sized leather travel journal with wrap-around cover in this 90 min workshop. You will also learn about materials and technique basics for other non-adhesive bindings.

Fee: $35 All supplies included.

Ruth Feiertag


Diaries, Journals, and Commonplace Books: Personal History and Everyday Adventures

“I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.”
— Oscar Wilde

Why keep a journal or a record of one’s life? Why do it with a fountain pen when there are so many great apps available? And just what is a commonplace book anyway?

In this 60minute class we will discuss these burning questions, read excerpts from famous diaries, and write entries to get started on a personal conversation that can be inspiring, beneficial, and possibly a legacy for the future. (You never know who will base a dissertation on the ramblings you leave behind.)

We’ll also look at different journals that are fountain-pen friendly and come up with a list of prompts that can keep the conversation going.

Fee: Free!

Registration: Pre-registration preferred, but drop in welcome. Please contact Ruth via her website


Ruth Feiertag is an editor and independent scholar, owner of PenKnife Writing and Editorial Services, and Senior Editor at Regal House Publishing. She has worked as an editor, proof-reader, and tutor for over thirty years and writes literary criticism on Medieval and Renaissance English literature. All her undergraduate essays were written with a fountain pen. No kidding.