2017 Colorado Pen Show News


Mike Masuyama Sign Up Sheets

Even at Pen Shows, there is only so much of Mike Masuyama to go around so we have to share! Here is how it is going to work a the 2017 Colorado Pen show.

30 Minutes prior to the start of the show, there will be a “Mike it Work” sign up sheet for that day (and only for that day) at the registration table. (There will be a new list each day of the show.) At the start of the show, Mike will take the list and get to work. When he gets to the last name of the day (there are 20 slots each day) that list is done. The next day will start with a fresh list.

Some Additional Notes:

  1. The sign up sheet will be for that day only with a limit of one session per person.


  1. Please provide your name and cell phone number on the sign up sheet so you can be contacted when it is your turn. Be advised: You snooze, you lose!


  1. Each session with Mike is good for up to 2 pens each customer for standard grind or nib adjustment work. If you have a request for a special grind (Needle Point, Architects Point, Naginata Togi), limit of 1 pen per a customer as these grinds take much longer. Your understanding is very much appreciated. Please note: This is just for work done at the pen show. If you decide to send your order in, Mike will do as many special grinds as you would like!


  1. You can sign up for a slot each day of the show, but only one session each day.



Nib Smith Sign Up Sheets

To sign up for nib work by Dan Smith the Nib Smith, please visit this page on his website.