Door Prizes

2019 Grand Prize

The 2019 Grand Prizes are provided by Sponsor, Pen Maker and Mad Scientist Ryan Krusac 

Mad Scientist

Ryan Krusac at work in his studio

 (Ok, the work is already done but I just love this picture!)

Registration for daily grand prizes is included with your entry fee. Make sure you fill out an entry form if you want to win one of Ryan’s creations!

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In 2019, one lucky attendee of the 2019 Colorado Pen Show will win…..

This gorgeous Gold Sheen Obsidian L-16!

Gold sheen obsidian is a metamorphic rock formed when tiny air bubbles remain trapped as the magma cools and hardens into stone. In bright sunlight, the micro bubbles reflect brilliantly in shade of silvery gold. It has been hand cut and combined with African ebony. It will retail for $900.